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Pietrasanta, Italy


Artaxlab is an innovative start up that operates since 2019; borned in the filiera artistica toscana, its aim is to add value to the cultural heritage.

ArtaxLab objective is to build a bridge between the artisan world and the one of the new and most innovative digital technologies.


We found the true quality of this virtual reality in the nature of each object: shape, dimension, material, location. Timing and Accuracy level of the models requested are also important quality wise.


Digital world represents a growing opportunity to all the productive realities, from small to big business. At the same time, it is important that activities/products communication is effective and technologically up to date. It is here that ArtaxLab is capable of designing and realizing basic digital products, such as photo or video, and innovative multimedia products, like interactive virtual tour, augmented reality tools and virtual reality. These tools can easily attract a wide audience and stimulate the interest of certain people. The important role that these tools have in the cultural heritage should not be underestimated: a better archiving process and preservation, a massive spread and a more captivating communication.



Our Start Up expand its actions on two macro sections:


1. Culture preservation, art and artisan works back up.

More specifically, the aims are the preservation and the protection of cultural heritage such as rough sketches and artworks, the preservation and the handing down of artisan techniques and knowledge. Throughout high technologies tools and technique, we try to improve this process every time is possible.


For this reason we believe that the following activities are essential:
• The establishment of a small and technologic centre, which functions as a backup to artisan (photo scanning, 3dPrinting).
• Cataloguing and creation of a real and virtual artistic archive.
• Paper material collection regarding these topics.
• Temporary conversion of artisanal abandoned building into historical places.

Look into the service Artax Lab instruments ffor the back up of Artists and Artisan.


2. The second macro section concerns the culture divulgation and cultural event management. We believe that cultural growth is synonym of exchange and debate.

The essential actions are:
• Creation and management of a City Festival.
• Divulgation of material concerning art and artisan world in Pietrasanta.
• Courses and workshops organization.
Video and photographic material creation from a documentary prospective.
Virtual exhibitions.

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ArtaxLab is an innovatice start up with a strong technological characteristic. We have hardware and software that can reproduce objects and physical spaces in a virtual way.

Phd and Architect Claudio Giustiniani is in charge of the technical area and the establishment of productive processes. Throughout his PhD in Architecture obtained at University of Florence,
Claudio gained a deep knowledge of data acquisition and processing methods/ techniques for the virtual reproduction of spaces and physical objects. He worked on photogrammetry and laser/scanning technologies in order to divulgate cultural heritage site (Unesco as well), in Italy and abroad too. He cooperated with foreign universities such as Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria of Managua (Nicaragua) and with Italian professional groups. He is ENAC pilot Sapr for Drone survey in critical areas and Google photographer certified. His experience is an important part for the research and development of virtual reproduction techniques and for the creation of digital publicity material and interactive realities from virtual tours to augmented reality.

Nicholas Cosci studied Architecture at the University of Florence finishing his studies on 2015. He is a member of Studio Lapis in Forte Dei Marmi and since 2005 he is responsible of the visual communication. Thanks to his knowledge on graphic design and graphic simulation, he cooperate with the more important architectural Firms in Versilia. In 2016, he started establishing connections with marble and stone companies and he majored in production processes of design objects. From 2017, he has collaborated day by day with Marble Studio Stagetti and he has taken up a growing individual career focusing on professional software for marble craft, scanning techniques and virtual graphic design of sculptures and Architectural elements.

Technical area

Claudio Giustiniani

Visual communication

Nicholas Cosci