3D Scan

3d scan for the Artist and the Artisan back up.


Through 3d scanning is possible to get a virtual model starting from a real object. We have a modular frame made of aluminum on top of which we arrange 40 cameras reflex with a precision lower than 1 millimeter. The frame is easy to move and capable of every dimension adaptation. Once the real model is scanned we work on its shapes on our software.

Many are the applications of 3d scan of objects and persons which appear deeply real from a dimensional, morphological and chromatic point of view. 3d models are used for design, prototype creation, virtual simulation and industrial and artistic objects creation.
3d models represent for our customers the opportunity of:

  • Improve their product and the production process, as the model are editable and adjustable;
  • Allow us to create 3d models archive;
  • Allow us to have innovative communication products instruments in order to get a better impact on the buyer;
  • Objects reproduction through 3d printing;
  • Allow us to make virtual simulations.

3D digitalization