Augmented and Virtual reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality AR/VR

The difference between virtual reality and augmented reality: the first one see the projection on a screen of an artificial world and it is build using virtual objects; augmented reality doesn’t necessary need a screen for the projection of objects but every surface can be used and what you see is real images integrated with virtual objects.
Augmented reality is possible thanks to a software equipped with specific rendering and tracing devices. These devices trace objects and shapes and connect the virtual image/s wanted by identifying fixed points of reference on a space.
It is not necessary to use special glass or wear particular device in order to assist at augmented reality performances, except for certain occasions.
This technology helps to realize virtual and interactive exhibits in museums that are capable to involve visitors. It can be useful for on line exhibits and also for art works substitution in museum where the piece of art is undertaking restoration works or is landed to other museums.


Digital Archive realization and fruition

• Store and exhibits your objects or your creations in an innovative and global way.

• Advertise you activities on line.


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