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SWITCH 2019, digital art and artisan festival in Pietrasanta

SWITCH 2019, digital art and artisan festival in Pietrasanta

We believe that art is not only extremely useful and essential but also engaging and appealing. It enriches of our daily life and it helps us to understand the changes that happen inside us and in the world. These are the basements of a projects that make contemporary arts nearer to common people.

Our main focus are on ideas and the way in which creators model them using new technologies.

In this way we promote an authentic movement that leads to a real cultural growth throughout an experimental travel. We want to start a process that allow the City of Pietrasanta to be a point of reference not only for traditional arts but also for digital arts. This will be an annual event based on Digital Cultural Arts in all its shades that involves our territory.

Pietrasanta is considered as one of the main centre for artistic and cultural events with one of the most important artisan tradition of the world. Our aim is to develop this potential by using and artistic language as a means of reporting environmental and cultural qualities of our territory.


The event will start on July the 25th and finish on July the 30th. It will take place at the new exhibits location in the heart of Pietrasanta: the Ex Farmacia Comunale in Via Garibaldi, Piatrasanta.

This place will be not only a simple exhibit but also an occasion for a cultural exchange, it will be possible to interact with the installations and with digital artisans. The best part of the event will be on the day of July the 30th: at the MuSa building high standing person will take conferences and it will be a chance to make a full immersion on Visual Art, Light Art and Live set.


The program of the event is the following:


July 25th – 29th 2019

@Ex Farmacia Comunale,

Via Garibaldi, 70 – Pietrasanta,

OPEN LAB – Every day starting from 18:00 to 00:00


July 30th 2019


Via Sant’Agostino, 61 – Pietrasanta


16:00 – 17:00

Event opening: coordinators and participants will open the event.


17:00 – 19:00

Introduction and showing of seminary videos “Comunicare l’architettura e il design in 2019”. Presenting: Professor Marcello Scalzo from the University of Florence – Architecture Faculty. Title: Art and Artisan Lab in Pietrasanta.


19:00 – 20:00

Presentation of the Virtual Sketch Project of the Sketch Museum of Pietrasanta. Presenting: Arch. Chiara Celli


20:00 – 21:00

Aperitif buffet offered.


21:00 – 00:00

– Digital projection on Musa Walls. Visual Art show and Live set.

– 2 interactive installations.